Colgate® Total 12 Pro Gum Health Toothpaste

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Colgate® Total 12 Pro Gum Health Toothpaste

Colgate® Total 12 Pro Gum Health Toothpaste


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New Colgate Total Pro Gum Health Toothpaste, toothpaste for healthy gums and teeth. The toothpaste is proven to reduce gum issues by 88%, thanks to its double mode of action:

  • It is clinically proven to act against harmful bacteria that cause gum problems
  • It helps to prevent Swollen gums and other gum problems

Its soothing, cooling formula works daily to strengthen your teeth and gums, and keeps them looking and feeling their healthiest.

Product Characteristics

Product Benefits

Clinically proven to reduce gum bleeding by up to 88%
Fights plaque and helps reduce the risk of gum problems
Antibacterial action for up to 12 hours
Provides antibacterial and anti-gum issue action
Directly reduces gingival inflammation
Ensures cavity protection
Caries protection with 1450 ppm fluoride

Health Focus

Side Effects of Common Medications in the Mouth
Colgate has recently developed a continuing education programme that looks at the different side effects of a variety of drugs on the mouth, and how some can be effectively alleviated through simple modification of the patients oral hygiene regime. Read more